Harrow crimes: ‘enough is enough’

The public outcry about the serious crimes in Harrow, including fatal knife crimes, more is certain parts of the borough, reflects badly on the effectiveness of the Harrow council and police in addressing the crimes.
According to the police figures, there were 177 knife crimes in Harrow in 2016. Street-level crimes and anti-social behaviour in August 2017 from the Home Office included 86 violent crimes. London mayor takes knife crime in Harrow ‘extremely seriously’.
A damning crime-specific  petition (see below)* signed by 256 residents was presented by a representative of a group of business owners and residents of Northolt Road, South Harrow at the council meeting last September.
It is not the Harrow’s position on the league table of crimes in London or the publicity that ‘Harrow is one of the safest borough’ or the routine political statements  but it is the nature and frequency of the serious crimes like (1), (2) which impact the fear of crime.
Many believe that a lack of visible police officers and there being nowhere for young people to go in Harrow are reasons for a rise in violent crime in the borough.
Sad that the arrangements which helpfully held the local police to account in Harrow on matters such as the deployment of the police officers and crime prevention, deteriorated and were eventually replaced by talk-shop structures under the previous London mayor watch.
On the question of the failure to positively engage young people through meaningful activities, the Harrow council has a lot to answer, like the appropriateness of its youth services and the missed opportunities to engage youth.
For example, we reported that the £400k Controlling Migration Fund to Harrow, has been unwisely used on teaching English language rather than on dealing with increased anti-social behaviour that includes random flytipping, stabbings and trafficking.

We as a group of business owners and residents on Northolt Road in South Harrow, want to express our anger, our frustration and dismay as we are struggling to run our business, protect our customers and ensure our safety, throughout the daytime in business hours and the night.
Drug dealers and gangs regularly come round and openly sell drugs and get involved in fights. This has terrorised the regular customers, local residents and ourselves. Urinating, vandalising cars and creating fear all round.
We have called the police, local Council and even invited the local MP to witness all these atrocities, happening in broad daylight. As such we have only seen in war-torn countries on television.
We have provided solid evidence of this shocking atrocity to the authorities and we haven’t seen any change to the situation. As a civil group of business owners who pay the business tax, we want to get along with our daily business and thrive, in safety. Provided by the services we pay for.
Normality has to return and we want our customers and local residents to be able to go about their daily lives unhindered.