Suspend & investigate Blackman for inviting extremists to Parliament

bb10Most divisive MP Bob Blackman has hosted an anti-Muslim extremist in Parliament.
The Tory MP for Harrow East hosted Tapan Ghosh, who has called for the UN to control the birth rate of Muslims, praised the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, and said that Muslims should be forced to leave their religion if they come to a western country.
Mr Ghosh also used his visit to share a platform with far-right anti-Islam agitator Tommy Robinson.
The anti-Muslim extremist Ghosh who founded a far-right ultra nationalist party, apparently spoke at the same event as the Home Secretary Amber Rudd.
It is about time Tory party should address extremism, racism and challenge divisive characters within the party, locally and nationally. Tory Party should do what they expect others to do – suspend and investigate Bob Blackman for supporting extremists.
Adam_photoAdam Bernard, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Harrow East commented:
“An area as religiously diverse as Harrow East deserves better than an MP who invites hatemongers to inflame tensions between communities.
“Mr Blackman needs to realise that his job is to represent people from all communities and of all faiths and nationalities.
“If he can’t get the hang of that, perhaps he should consider a change of career?”
NS2After the last general election, London assembly member Navin Shah who contested Harrow East seat said, “The general election also saw the same old issues like Kashmiri Pundits and caste legislation dragged out for the Tory propaganda to find cheap favours amongst Indian / Hindu voters”.
In a tweet, Navin Shah said, “Hardly surprising to see Bob Blackman rubbing shoulders with Tapan Ghosh &Tommy Robinson. Most appalling & disgusting. Deserves condemnation“.
We glen that some in the Harrow Tory group, which is considered more promising under its new and non-confrontational leadership, are concerned about losing political chances because of their selfish colleagues promoting religious hate and division in Harrow East by implications.