Blackman widely condemned – Charity Commission involved

Fair-minded media, Commons and people have no taste for Bob Blackman’s divisive politics as confirmed by the general condemnation of his hosting of an extremist at the Parliament.

The Charity Commission is to investigate the organisation that invited extremist Hindu nationalist to the House of Commons event, hosted by Bob Blackman, MP Harrow East!
Community organisations
,  MPs and councillors have raised  concerns about Mr Blackman’s behaviour, especially as inappropriate MP behaviour is now a key issue at the Commons.
The following comment on the Times website sums up the general feeling:

Untitled-1The Times reported  that Harrow East MP Bob Blackman hosted in parliament an anti-Muslim extremist who has called for the UN to control the birth rate of Muslims, praised the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, and said Muslims should be forced to leave their religion if they come to a western country.
Bob Blackman, a Conservative member of the communities and local government committee, hosted Tapan Ghosh, an Indian Hindu-nationalist, in the Commons during an event called “Tolerating the Intolerant”.
Irrespective of what Mr Blackman has said since the event to defend indefensible, the fact remains that he just sat there and allowed Ghosh free rein to spread hatred and division at the event.
Also one wonders what part his equally divisive assistant, an Indian nationalist who has been fixed as a Tory candidate for Harrow’s Queensbury ward, played in organising the event?
Alerting about Hindu nationalists, the Independent reported, ‘It is also less understood that the rise of this movement in India has been partly fuelled by activists in the UK and US, who in turn have pushed similar agendas’.
Mr Blackman deviously claims that his Hindu-specific activities are because he stands for his Hindu constituents but most Hindus  are peace-loving and have shown no propensity for far right Hindu extremism in India or here or support his divisiveness – for example – so whose inspirations he represents?
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