Blackman a part of Theresa May problems

Increased political activities in Harrow hint another general election soon as the government is doing badly under Theresa May leadership that has been responsible for a number of failures.
tumblr_nspxk1EjOl1qh2ke4o1_12801Theresa May has badly failed in steering through the muddy waters resulted due to her misjudgement of calling the snap general election and the weak government that followed.
Government arrogance has failed the country over Brexit, starting with its assertion to embark on the UK’s departure from the EU without the parliament blessings which the courts found unconstitutional.  The government was forced to introduce emergency legislation into parliament to authorise the UK departing from the EU.
When the Brexit process started, Theresa May failed to provide strong leadership.  Brexit is in a mess with each passing day driving us closer to a no-deal Brexit.
Added to this is the inappropriate behaviour of some Tory MPs hitting recent headlines, including  Bob Blackman hosting an extremist at the parliament, series of ‘sexual harassment’ allegations at the seat of governance  – for example, MP using staff to buy the ‘sex-toys’, and in another incident the defence secretary resigning from his cabinet job amid expected further allegations of inappropriate behaviour.
The latest blow for Mrs May is the MPs vote for her to release 58 secret studies into Brexit’s economic ‘damage’, triggering a huge political row. Such is the Tory sense of insecurity that they refused to take part in the vote, most probably because Mrs May knew she would lose, meaning she has lost control of the parliamentary process for Brexit.
There seem to be a growing consensus of opinion that Theresa May has lost the credibility and moral authority to a point of no return and has to let people decide what is best for the Britain!