Patel demise, Blackman loss!

bbppUnceremonious ending of  Priti Patel’s cabinet position was quick and welcomed but of course not by some of her supporters who politicise that her sack could damage Israel and British relationships!
Harrow East MP Bob Blackman raised a question at the Commons: ‘is there not a need to clarify the position for ministers visiting particular countries whether the foreign office or department for international development is informed?
In other words, trying to defend international development secretary Priti Patel for the ambiguities in disclosing her recent secret activities in Israel, as if she didn’t know who to tell because of the lack of clarity about who to inform to!
In view of the political mess that discredited Ms Patel has created, she can’t be directly supported, not even by her close associates like Mr Blackman.
Harrow-born Ms Patel is no stranger to Harrow Conservatives and shows remarkable political similarities with the divisive MP Mr Blackman.
Having calculated their support, both were in the forefront of welcoming right-wing Modi to the UK. Both work for political gain by working closely with the Conservatives Friends of Israel as well as with the Conservative Friends of India.
Mr Blackman, closely campaigned with Ms Patel to leave EU for beingextremely positive about the prospects of our nation forging closer partnerships with countries like India, Israel’. Ms Patel probably played significant part in achieving such relationships, given her pertinent position and that she has too often used the department to prop up her personal networks and leadership ambitions.
Priti Patel MP resigned (really sacked) from her job over her secret meetings in Israel, breaking the ministerial code,  undermining British foreign policy and damaging the integrity of British international development policy.  She suggested that money should be given to support ongoing ‘humanitarian operations’ by the Israeli army in the occupied Golan Heights.
Well reported evidence indicates that Ms Patel meetings were not ad hoc. At 13 out of a total of 14 meetings with Israeli officials, she was accompanied by Lord Polak, a lobbyist and a leading member of Conservative Friends of Israel.
Ms Patel’s close associate Mr Blackman is also an officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel.
Mr Blackman would no doubt miss Ms Patel position of influence in developing his vote bank – his  majority was slashed from 4,757 in 2015 to 1,757 in 2017.