New council senior manager very positive about Harrow

PWPaul Walker (photo) is the new corporate director community, responsible for housing, environment and culture as well as commissioning and commercial services.
Mr Walker has joined Harrow from North West England – previously having been chief executive at Copeland borough council among other roles.
Describing his experience in Harrow so far, Mr Walker told the Harrow Monitoring Group, “In these first few weeks I’ve had such a warm welcome from all the Harrow people I’ve met – and they’ve been kind in taking the time to help me better understand this place”.
“What strikes me every time is the commitment people have for Harrow and the Council. It’s an exciting time and I’m enjoying it” Mr Walker said.
Mr Walker is seeing himself the front line services the council delivers to the local community – be it parks, libraries, highways, the refuse service or the commercialisation work.
His open invitation to residents is “If you see me out and about, please do stop and say hello and let me know your views”.
It can only be good that such an experienced and dedicated senior manager has joined Harrow council which has some serious environmental and crime issues.
Although the fly-tipping in Harrow is not as high as in some other London boroughs, like Newham, it is a matter of real concern and more so in the parts of the borough which have short-term private rented accommodation or unlicensed houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).
The other concerning matter is the serious crimes in Harrow, including fatal knife crimes, more in certain parts of the borough, which reflects badly on the effectiveness of the authorities concerned.