Hall picks rats for point-scoring!

ratIn a copy and paste type rat report, Harrow councillor Hall, who is now a London assembly member by chance, has compiled rat complaints received by London boroughs, and makes a political point that the capital’s rodent (mice, rats and squirrels) population is on the rise, bad for the city reputation.
The report asks Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan) to build on the work of the previous administration (Boris Johnson) and set a new target of creating more Business Improvement Districts in London boroughs by 2020 to help cleanliness.
The report mischievously refers to an equally mischievous Telegraph article that implies that the rodents were beginning to cause an embarrassing reputational issue for the city which has resulted in the drop of tourist visits and tourism revenue.
Councillor Hall who stepped down as the leader of the opposition Tory group after causing years of unnecessary bitterness and disruptions at the Harrow civic centre, looks all set to repeat such a behaviour at the City Hall.
The Mayor of London and local authorities across the capital have a responsibility to ensure the prevalence of rats and mice in the city does not get out of control’ she said.
In hitting Harrow, Cllr Hall’s report refers to a rat rich Harrow video:  ‘the reputational damage done to the borough could have been avoided with a more proactive approach to street cleanliness’ she said.
Through freedom of information requests, breakdown of rat complaints in the past five years in the London boroughs shows highest number of complaints in Tower Hamlets (30,000), lowest in  Merton (546) with Harrow being in the thirteenth place (5,887).
Harrow council has been working hard to address the rate problem.
“We’re doing what we can – including using our enforcement powers – to encourage traders and businesses to dispose of waste properly” said the leader of the council Cllr Sachin Shah.
We have a baiting programme in hotspots, including more rat-traps and we’re replacing old bins with rat-proof ones” he informed.