Harrow’s ‘Night Riders’!

HNRThey work through the night and into the very early hours of the morning, five days a week, removing filthy fly-tips off the streets.  This can only be good!
The two man team works in the dark to clear illegally dumped waste reported to the council. Between 80 to 100 fly-tips reported to the council each day – they get anything from fridges, sofas and chairs to building material, and unwanted clothes dumped and strewn on the streets.
On average they get around 50 reports a night to clear, covering the entire borough. And they don’t stop there, – they keep their eyes peeled for any fly-tips not on the list no matter how big or small they are.
Random flytipping, recently a big problem in Harrow, is very difficult to eradicate. In the last year it costs the council £438,976 to clear up fly-tips.
Council says that the service hasn’t gone unnoticed by the residents who witness the night cleaning and appreciate accordingly.
“It’s great to see how much they appreciate this service – they come out of their homes or shout out their windows to say thanks to the crew in the middle of night. It’s not an easy job, but our night riders do it with dedication and our environmental services” said councillor Graham Henson, cabinet member for environmental services.