Blackman slapped by Shahs and not on May’s list of recognition

bb10Harrow East MP Bob Blackman apparently failed to convince Theresa May to offer him housing minister job despite his flattering praises for her policies.
One telling example is his blind retweets of the Number 10 government  propaganda that all is well in NHS while leading medical professionals are warning that Patients ‘dying in hospital corridors’
Mr Blackman might feel that because he owns six buy-to-let properties in Welwyn Garden City and because he moved the Homelessness Reduction Bill, he is over qualified for the housing job that comes with an opportunity to work closely with very rich property developers and housing associations.
“This man either knows nothing about the attack on our sector or he must be thinking about the Institutional Investor to house the Homeless – S24 will not help the homeless it will make it worse” is a knowledgeable response to Mr Blackman’s headline grabbing homelessness rhetoric.
Not only this but Theresa May might also be aware that Mr Blackman is not in step with the key government foreign policies specific to Asia and Middle East, and how his divisive politics has been rigorously challenged.
Following nationally known Harrow council resolution condemning Mr Blackman, for inviting an Indian extremist to an event at the UK Parliament, most probably facilitated by his equally divisive assistant, local community leaders have spoken out.
Councillor Sachin Shah had said, “One of the things makes me proud to be the leader of Harrow council is our good community cohesion. People of different faith live side by side with no problems. Bob Blackman should be ashamed that he brought someone to Parliament who wants to divide Harrow’s communities”.
The assembly member for Brent and Harrow Navin Shah said, “Mr Blackman’s feeble attempt to escape just criticism is pathetic.  He has blown his opportunity to explain how he managed to give a platform to the hate preacher Tapan Ghosh”.
“To make matters worse he has not even had the decency to apologise for bringing Parliament’s and Harrow’s reputation into disrepute. He has been allowed long enough to conduct his divisive and sectarian practices in Harrow. Mr Blackman is no friend of our diverse communities in Harrow” Navin Shah added.
“Never before Harrow had an MP who is so bitter and divisive and freely mixes with far right elements for votes. It is about time Harrow East Tories should respect Harrow cohesion and stop selecting divisive characters to attract voters from a few communities ” said Dr Pravin Shah, coordinator Harrow Monitoring Group.
Mr Blackman just survived at the last general election!