Opposition deputy continues Hall negativity

While the last cabinet meeting on 18th January welcomed Tom Whiting as Interim Chief Executive, deputy leader of the opposition Tory group Cllr Barry Macleod-Cullinane mischievously asked about the on-costs of having a full-time Chief Executive role?
After the Labour regained the council in 2014, they restored the chief executive post that was ‘unilaterally, wrongly and vindictively’ deleted by the short-lived Councillor Hall’s administration (Tory), forcing the chief executive Michael Lockwood to go.
On his return, Mr Lockwood effectively led Harrow regeneration programme but Cllrs Hall and Macleod-Cullinane remained hostile to him and the programme.
Now as Cllr Hall is busy in headline grabbing and political stir up at the City Hall, Cllr Macleod-Cullinane has continued with Cllr Hall negativity towards the chief executive post (though Mr Lockwood has moved on) and the work of the council, for example, by questioning the financial reporting of the Harrow’s regeneration project at the cabinet meeting.
Cllr Macleod-Cullinane failed to appreciate the positive aspects of the council like ‘building a better Harrow’ or that the exciting regeneration programme is progressing so well.
The  work for the Poets Corner, Byron Quarter (the leisure centre and the surrounding site) and new Civic Centre schemes has continued to progress, alongside cost analysis of the designs led by the programme level cost consultants and significant cost efficiencies have been achieved.
Planning submissions for these major schemes will be made in early 2018. There has been continued progress in agreeing the design requirements for the new Civic Centre.
Cabinet agreed in September 2017 to engage with the market on options to deliver Poets Corner (Phase 2) as well as Byron Quarter and additionally to begin the process of marketing the Greenhill Way site for redevelopment.

DSC_0424d2It can only be good that the purchase of the eye soar Wealdstone Social Club has been completed as planned.
Both the opposition and administration are important for the council to function effectively and serve residents best.
Cllr Macleod-Cullinane, hoped to be his group leader, needs to follow his present leader’s professional approach and calmness!