Harrow Council takes its libraries back in-house

Lib2From Thursday 1st February 2018, Harrow Council is assuming responsibility for the management of Harrow’s library service.
The service had previously been run for the Council by Carillion Integrated Solutions (CIS). CIS is a subsidiary of Carillion, a corporation that is now in liquidation.
It will be business as usual for staff and residents, with no change to libraries’ operating practices or opening hours.
The refurbishment of Kenton Library also continues, unaffected, with completion still set for Thursday 1st March.
Over the coming months, Harrow Council will be considering the best way to provide continuity and stability in Harrow’s library services in the future. That could mean retaining their management in-house or securing another provider to continue the service.
In 2013, the council administration considered who could run the libraries best and opted to out-source the library service. Like then, there is strong opinion for in-house management of Harrow libraries.
“We’re making sure our libraries aren’t affected by the collapse of Carillion. Right now, we’re taking the libraries in-house because that is the best way for us to take care of staff and keep services running normally” said the council portfolio holder for community Cllr Sue Anderson.
“I’m proud of the commitment our staff have shown in difficult circumstances and I’m pleased to show our council’s unwavering commitment to them and the library service” She added.