Camrose Avenue speed cameras not possible

speed-camera-sign-1183397_1280Harrow council says that the installation of speed cameras is the responsibility of Department for Transport (DfT) and not the council but in any case the criteria for installing the cameras on Camrose Avenue are not met.
A petition containing 168 signatures presented to the council meeting on 30th November 2017 expressed concerns about speeding on the Camrose Avenue in the Edgware Ward and asked  for two speed cameras, one each way on Camrose Avenue between the church in Camrose Avenue and the traffic lights.
A report before the Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel on 8 February 2018 informs that for the speed cameras to be considered they are required to meet strict DfT guidelines and are only located at sites where there have been three or more fatal or serious speed related personal injury collisions within the last three years. The accident record for this location would therefore not justify a case for a speed camera.
Other types of road safety improvements are generally carried out by the Council at locations where the number of accidents involving personal injury is higher than average and where an analysis of the accident patterns indicates that changes to the road layout could improve the situation.
The council has examined the most up to date injury accident data  for the whole length of Camrose Avenue and the report concludes that “compared to other areas, Camrose Avenue has a good road safety record”.
Residents are advised to contact the local police safer neighbourhood team if concerned about speeding traffic as the police is responsible for enforcing speed limits on the public highway and may be able to advise of any initiates they may have planned in the area.