Harrow East Tories pushed out a Queensbury candidate?

It looks that Lakshmi Kaul, a Tory candidate for 2018 council election, has been missing from the Tory canvassing activities for long – withdrawn from the political activities, including the Queensbury ward activities?
We previously raised the question whether she, who is far more active in the Indian nationalistic politics, was selected for the diverse and harmonious Queensbury ward because of her position as the ‘assistant’ to Harrow East divisive MP Bob Blackman at the time.
Most probably Ms Kaul helped Mr Blackman’s grip on her community and Mr Blackman helped Ms Kaul’s  access to the British politics. It looks that the greedy political deal is off.
Following Ms Kaul’s possible departure from the Harrow political scene, and after Mr Blackman was exposed for hosting a far right Indian nationalist, a big coincidence that he is apparently missing from the Indian high commissioner’s usual invites at the cultural/ religious events – perhaps a message for him to slow down his apparently over-done and chauvinistic Indian support rhetoric, an embarrassment for the Indian officials?
For example, following the nationally known Harrow council resolution condemning Mr Blackman for inviting an Indian extremist to an event at the UK Parliament, most probably facilitated by his equally divisive assistant, Indian background community leaders have spoken out.
We expect that Ms Kaul’s name would be removed from the Tory action team for the Queensbury ward soon or if the name remains, it would only be in a ‘paper candidate’ sense!
If what we understand is right, then we thank the Harrow East Tories for listening to us!