Harrow East candidacy race

Labour is in the final stages of selecting its female only parliamentary candidate for Harrow East.
Two out of the three candidates shortlisted are Harrow councillors. Both are canvassing well, using the social media and individualised social event.
Kiran2Kiran Ramchandani says she has spent her whole life fighting for social justice – at a housing association in the UK, in international development, and now as a local councillor in Queensbury.
“I couldn’t be prouder to have received the endorsement of my union, the GMB, to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Harrow East” said Cllr Ramchandani. The GMB is one of the three largest affiliates to the Labour Party.
Cllr Ramchandani is also supported by Jewish socialists – after her visit to Israel, she said, “I’ve long considered myself a friend of Israel”.
She assures that by working together, we can win here and help deliver a Labour government that will make Jeremy Corbyn’s radical manifesto a reality for everyone.
PamPamela Fitzpatrick says she is a community activist and a proud trade unionist, and that as Chair of the Harrow Labour Group on the council, she has witnessed the ‘brutal consequences of austerity and privatisation on our communities’.
Cllr Fitzpatrick adds that as director of the Harrow Law Centre and chair of the National Law Centres umbrella group, she has focused on ensuring that justice remains accessible to all.
Cllr Fitzpatrick believes that this constituency needs someone who will resist unlawful eviction rulings for working class families, and break down the divides between politicians and the community.
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell MP came to Harrow to endorse Pamela Fitzpatrick at an event and said, “Jeremy and I would be proud to see Pamela in Parliament alongside us”.
bb4Whoever wins the candidacy on 25th this month, needs to assure inclusiveness and work hard to undo the adverse impact of the divisive politics of the sitting MP Bob Blackman (photo) who takes side to secure certain votes.
Harrow East has a large Asian population, mostly Indian and Hindu. It also has the sixth highest proportion of Jewish residents of any seat in the country.