Blackman misleading about the UK economy

Contrary to Harrow East MP Bob Blackman spread that the UK economy is good under Tories, the UK economy expanded by less than previously thought in the last three months of 2017, official figures say.
The UK’s year-on-year growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2017 was 1.4%, making it the slowest growing of the world’s wealthy nations.  The UK is also growing more slowly than the Eurozone and is last among the major economies.
GDP grew by 0.4% in the October-to-December period, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said, down from the initial estimate of 0.5%.
One significant problem for the UK has been a lack of productivity growth since the financial crisis of 2007.
Despite the ONS highlighting slow growth in production industries, Bob Blackman tweets and re-tweets have been propagating that ‘manufacturing output is now at its highest level’.
In 2017 as a whole, the economy grew by 1.7%, also slightly lower than previously thought and the weakest since 2012.
bb4But  again the divisive MP Bob Blackman (photo) who is in panic because of the possibility of a Harrow East Labour parliamentary candidate who is equally popular amongst his targeted communities that he cleverly exploits,  wrongly asserts that the Tories continue to create a ‘strong resilient UK economy’.
The national economical situation hits part of Harrow hardest.
Harrow has a population of 247,130 people with significant pockets of deprivation mainly around the centre, the south and east of the borough, and least deprived areas being in the north and west of the borough.
The government austerity measures and welfare cuts have hardened the deprivation in the wards like Roxbourne, Greenhill, Marlborough and Wealdstone which also has the highest level of employment and income deprivations in the borough.