Labour candidate for Harrow East

PamNews is coming  that Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick has been selected as Labour parliamentary candidate for the Harrow East constituency.
Amongst others, Cllr Fitzpatrick enjoyed support from the key trade unions, Labour party Momentum as well as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell MP who came to Harrow to endorse her at an event and said, “Jeremy and I would be proud to see Pamela in Parliament alongside us”.
The result indicates the end of Tony Blair era of Labour right in Harrow and increased hold of those who firmly believe in social justice.
Cllr Fitzpatrick says she is a community activist and a proud trade unionist, and that as Chair of the Harrow Labour Group on the council, she has witnessed the ‘brutal consequences of austerity and privatisation on our communities’.
Cllr Fitzpatrick adds that as director of the Harrow Law Centre and chair of the National Law Centres umbrella group, she has focused on ensuring that justice remains accessible to all.
Cllr Fitzpatrick believes that Harrow East needs someone who will resist unlawful eviction rulings for working class families, and break down the divides between politicians and the community.
Harrow East is a traditional marginal seat between Labour and the Conservatives, and has remained so despite the growing numbers of Asian voters. The constituency also has the sixth highest proportion of Jewish residents of any seat in the country.
Cllr Fitzpatrick stands for social justice for all which is important considering that the sitting MP Bob Blackman uses the divisive politics to exploit the foreign situations like Kashmir and Palestine to secure votes from the Indian and Jewish background communities.
In a motion last year, Harrow council condemned Mr Blackman for hosting a divisive Indian Hindu-nationalist at an event at the UK Parliament.
Mr Blackman’s majority was heavily slashed by Labour at the last general election.