NHS health check programme improving

health-check1Good to see improvements in the NHS Health Check screening programme in Harrow.
The programme is to prevent a number of health problems for certain age group (40-74) with no history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Those who not already have these risk factors will be invited (once every five years) to have a check to assess their risk.
The programme, commissioned by the Harrow council through the public health grant, used to commission individual GP practices to deliver the programme but this achieved very low results, said Carole Furlong, Consultant in Public Health.
Now the change of provider to Harrow Health CIC has allowed them to look at different delivery models e.g. centralising the delivery of the checks which reduces pressure on individual practices, Ms Furlong informs.
“The recent data (Jan 18) shows a big improvement in numbers having healthchecks” said Ms Furlong .
They focused on the more deprived areas in Harrow where the health inequalities are more pronounced but the programme has now been widened to include less deprived areas and invitations should be going out on a practice by practice basis.
The practice is responsible for advertising/promoting and inviting eligible patients and for delivering the full health check.  They are performance managed by HHCIC and the council performance manage HHCIC.
Not all GP practices in Harrow appreciate the change in the NHS ethos to respect patients as clients nor do they feel comfortable when patients ask them questions about the performance of the practice, but still the concerned patients should ask practice for a health check.  If they are signed up to deliver they should be able to make an appointment.  If they are not signed up, they can be asked to do so.