Pinner Road shopkeepers need help not political point-scoring

CCTVHarrow council has started issuing anti-social behaviour fixed penalty notices to the Pinner Road shopkeepers for gaining vehicular access to their front courtyard by crossing over public footpath which has been recoded by the CCTV on the site.
We understand that the Tory opposition group on the council is raising hopes, through their temple links that surfaced during the Kenton East by-election, to rectify the situation, knowing well that there is not much they could achieve except to claim that they tried to help but Labour administration did not cooperate!
The shopkeepers did not know nor were they reminded that the Section 34(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA 1988) provides that anyone driving a vehicle over a footpath, as is the case here, is guilty of an offence unless it can be shown that there is a private right in place for people to use the access-way to gain vehicular access to their property. The burden of proving that there is such a vehicular right of way in place rests with the defendants.
Some years back, a fixed-head street camera was installed (photo) for general safety purposes but now it seems to have a long range rotary head and is used to detect the vehicular access to the shop front yards – there are no warning signs on or around the camera about the purpose/scope of the camera.
It could have helped the shopkeepers to have advance warning about crossing the footpath to park vehicle at their front courtyard. Failing this, the council could consider issuing business parking permits   to businesses that have premises within a controlled parking zone – the area is full of yellow lines [the CPZ under Cllr Hall watch was a bitter issue (also read this) and resulted in serious setbacks for the Cllr Hall led Tory group – lost the councils in 2010 and 2014 as well as two by-elections in between].
Those now trying to exploit the Pinner Road situation are long-standing associates of Cllr Hall.