Harrow likely to remain Labour

Despite Labour doing well in keeping Harrow tidy, building more houses and implementing an imaginative regeneration programme, their majority could be slim after the May election.
Labour could lose three seats in Harrow East – Kenton East and Edgware – not because of the party politics or they are running the council badly but because of the Tory divisive politics in the area, championed by their MP Bob Blackman who actively targets voters from the Indian and Jewish background.
“He has been allowed long enough to conduct his divisive and sectarian practices in Harrow. Mr Blackman is no friend of our diverse communities in Harrow. He does not deserve to be a public representative” said the London assembly member Navin Shah.
Tory divisive politics became more obvious at the Kenton East by-election  where as expected , a temple orientated Tory candidate won Kenton East by-election last year.
bb4MP Bob Blackman’s reported divisive card that he speaks on behalf of his “Gujarati”/ “Hindu” constituents in international disputes as well as his individualised letters to certain residents, also helped in winning a Kenton East seat.
Exploiting minorities for votes is one thing but mixing up with the far right elements is entirely a different matter.
Mr Blackman has been reported sharing a story with the title “Muslim Somali sex gang say raping white British children ‘part of their culture’”, according to The Times.
Previously the Times reported  that Bob Blackman hosted in parliament an anti-Muslim extremist which resulted in a Harrow council resolution on 30 November 2017: ‘To instruct the Chief Executive to write to Bob Blackman MP, condemning the visit of Tapan Ghosh and reaffirming that Harrow is one of the most diverse places in the UK, where hate speech is not tolerated’.
“Blackman should be doing all he can to defuse tensions and to make residents feel safe, but with his postings on social media, his association with Tommy Robinson and with Tapan Ghosh, he seems instead intent on causing racial tensions. Harrow East residents deserve better than this” said Pamela Fitzpatrick, Labour parliamentary candidate for Harrow East.