Harrow suffers due to government policies

The government cuts have serious implications for Harrow services, particularly those depended on by elderly and disabled people.
The shocking truth is that when vulnerable relatives are left neglected without social care, it’s because the government has cut funding for vital services, while handing out billions in tax giveaways for a few at the top.
We hear that voters are going to respond heavily to the ‘heartless and hopeless’ Tory government and its impact on the people they love on May 3!
Every cut is a cut to a meal being cooked, or a bath being run — it is a cut to a person’s independence and dignity. Yet total cuts to social care budgets are now projected to have reached a shocking £6.3 billion.
Good to hear that Labour will build a social care system that delivers for the many. They have pledged £8 billion extra for social care, an increase in the Carer’s Allowance and will establish a National Care Service to improve access to fair and affordable care.
Crime and fear of crime in Harrow is very worrying, especially as cut in funding to local councils renders them unable to provide the essential youth service support that stops many young people being drawn into violent crime.
Harrow has its share of housing crisis in London – hundreds households are in temporary accommodation or are on the waiting list for social housing. In view of this, Harrow council administration pledge to creating 5,500 new homes is quite reassuring.
Wishes are to make sure that Harrow does not follow the Tory run Barnet that has privatised almost every local service and in the process made those services worse and its workers worse off.
It is always better to keep the services in house, be accountable for their quality, invest in the delivery and treat their staff fairly and decently.
Who could blame the voters who want to see better policing, care for the elderly, and investment in housing to help people get on the ladder, and not be priced out of Harrow, and therefore vote accordingly?