Election pledge reinforced

Lab pledgeIn a full page newspaper statement, promoted by Navin Shah (London assembly member), the Harrow Labour commit to keeping Harrow safe from crime and supporting businesses. This can only be good and help Harrow well.
While Harrow remains one of the safest boroughs in London, with a low crime rate, the fear of crime remains high. The Conservative government have planned to cut £1 billion from London’s police budget resulting in losing many uniformed police officers in Harrow – and more will go.
Despite these cuts, the Labour mayor is using the limited powers available to him to put an extra £110 million into funding the Met Police. He has now funded 3 neighbourhood police dedicated to a local ward, the Labour inform.
“The Labour running council will work with the police, mayor of London and other agencies to keep Harrow safe and bring crime down” Labour say.
“Our priority is to strengthen our local economy, encourage entrepreneurship and create local job” say Labour and appreciate the contribution made by the local businesses and traders from diverse backgrounds.
They say that the small businesses in particular are the backbone of our high streets, and point out that hike in business rates by Conservative government has crippled small and medium sized traders. “We have supported nearly 3000 local businesses through mentoring schemes, created business improvement districts and job fares etc” they claim.
“We will support local businesses with business rate relief and simplify licensing and planning process for sustained future or our businesses” said the Labour.