Labour hold Harrow – Tory group deputy is out

As predicted, Labour has retained Harrow council administration but Tories have failed to make any real gains despite the intriguing situations and from the collapse of UKIP which has helped Tory votes.
With 41.04 percent overall turnout, Labour (35 councillors) have overall gained two seats while Conservatives (28 councillors) have overall gained only one seat, mostly because the Independents did not contest the seats they held in the traditional Tory ward.
Harrow seems to have followed the national trend where despite divisive Tory politics, scaremongering and politicisation of anti-semitism, Labour have gained 57 and Tories have lost 28 councillors so far (18.39hrs).
Labour share of votes in the traditional Tory wards (9) is higher than Tory share of votes in Labour wards (12) in the borough – for example, in Edgware and Queensbury wards.
In Harrow on the Hill ward, Tories lost all their seats to Labour, including the deputy leader of the Tory opposition group (Barry Macleod-Cullinane) who is badly defeated by more than 500 votes.
Liberal Democrat comeback nationally has not reflected locally where in the Rayners Lane ward, Labour gained a long held Liberal Democrat seat (Chris Noyce) – Labour now holds all three seats.
Most interesting result in Kenton West which although remains as one Labour and two Tory councillors, both a Tory and a Labour candidate secured same number of votes (1967)!
In the temple battlefield Kenton East ward, Tories could win one seat from Labour and only by 3 votes – a long standing Tory councillor who gave up his Belmont seat to contest from Kenton East badly lost.
As expected, in Headstone North, Tories grabbed the two Independent held seats that they did not contest this time!