TfL can’t afford much needed bus shelter in Wealdstone!

Hearing public concerns, the Harrow Monitoring Group sought London Mayor’s help in having a bus shelter at the South Harrow bound Baptist Church bus stop in High Street Wealdstone.
Bus shelterThe bus stop is widely used by elderly, more so by those who go to the nearby church or the Mosque, but it has no shelter nor there is any other shelters like a shop canopy in the vicinity of the bus stop.
Exposure to rain, while waiting for a bus, is a particular health risk for the elderly and much more serious in winter/snow.
Valerie Shawcross, Deputy Mayor for Transport, has acknowledged that “TfL’s assessment shows that this is indeed a good example of a bus stop where a shelter could be installed”.
But she said “TfL does not currently have budget to accommodate requests for additional bus shelters. TfL has also spoken to London Borough of Harrow, who have advised that unfortunately they too do not have the budget to install a shelter at this time”.
Ms Shawcross informs that Transport for London (TfL) is operating in a very challenging financial environment at present. London’s population has grown considerably faster than that of the rest of the UK, while Government grant funding for the cost of operating London’s transport network has reduced significantly, with TfL losing an average of £700m of Government funding each year.
London assembly member for Brent and Harrow Navin Shah has been interested in the shelter – we wonder if the Harrow East MP Bob Blackman would also be interested in this issue in Wealdstone, the ward that he does not target for votes!