New Harrow council leader

Graham3Councillor Graham Henson (photo) will be confirmed the new council leader at the next council meeting.
As a member of the cabinet, Cllr Henson has held the portfolio for Environment which includes streets, parks, other green areas and waste collection.
In the Labour group leadership contest last night, Mr Henson, Roxbourne ward councillor since 2006, won by 9 votes (22/13), defeating Cllr Sachin Shah, the group leader for the past two years.
Labour in Harrow have done very well at the council election 2018 and have increased their majority.
Cllr Henson is well known for working closely with the officers and supporting them. It is eminent that the acting chief executive post would be substantial soon.
Cllr Henson’s ex-councillor colleague Bill Phillips describes him as:
Graham4Note: Bill Phillips is not HAD chair now as they rotate their Chair.