Council administration enriched!

CllrsAt the annual council meeting on 24 May 2018, the Labour group running the council has announced the cabinet, cutting down one portfolio but retaining most of the previous portfolio holders.
bigpicParticularly good to see former mayor Councillor Krishna Suresh joining the cabinet to lead Community Cohesion & Crime.
Krishna Suresh under his stage name of “London Baba”, is an internationally known Tamil film actor and is well known for his passion for the community.
At the committee level a social justice practitioner Councillor Jeff Anderson got the chairmanship of very important Overview and Scrutiny Committee, internal watchdog for the council work.
jeff_400x400Jeff Anderson is committed to social justice and challenges unjust situations.
One of his famous tweet said:
“Anyone who has read the Tories pledges in Harrow will recognise the arrogance and the pretence that Harrow is somehow immune from the effects of austerity”.
Regarding the opposition, it would be interesting to find out their shadow team but it looks that they don’t take their council role seriously – for example, yet again they have bypassed their planning expert (Cllr Ashton) and have given two planning committee positions to the councillors with no known sense of planning.
Considering the Harrow characteristic and the housing situation, planning in Harrow is a matter of great importance to the residents, requiring both the administration and opposition to share planning knowledge and experience where available for best outcome.