Tory MP Blackman defends indefensible

bb4Harrow East MP Bob Blackman (photo) is in the news again for his divisive politics – he is in a habit of ‘do first, apologise later’!
The Sky News reminds that  last October, Mr Blackman hosted a parliamentary event attended by Tapan Ghosh, a Hindu nationalist who describes himself as “determined to fight against Islamic aggression and expansion” – Mr Blackman said he was unaware of Mr Ghosh’s past comments.
In March, Mr Blackman expressed “regret” after being exposed for sharing a Facebook post from an anti-Muslim US website – he previously shared a Twitter post by disgraced Tommy Robinson “in error”.
This week he was revealed to have been a member of a number of far-right Facebook groups – he refuted this saying he was added to Facebook groups without his knowledge or permission.
Even the Harrow council has condemned Mr Blackman interactions with far right.
Some leading Tories have been raising concerns, including Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, that there is a “simmering underbelly” of Islamophobia in the party.
The Tory party chairman Mr Lewis has launched a code of conduct for MPs and local election candidates and encouraged members to email him if they hear of bigotry but Mr Blackman, seemingly endorsing Islamophobia, remains an MP!
All this could be quite embarrassing for the Harrow council opposition group, particularly the incidents like Harrow on the Hill residents hatefully throwing away Tory leaflets last council election mentioning Mr Blackman (Tories lost all seats held in the ward, including that held by the then deputy leader of the opposition group).