Uncomfortable bus shelter seats are to stay!

There have been complaints regarding the new red seats installed on the bus stops, like the one in front of the civic centre or further down the Station Road.
“The new bus stop seats are too high and too back that you can’t sit on them, especially old ladies who are not tall enough.  Even if we try to sit with our feet hanging, the benches are fixed in such a way that our back touches the back of the bus stop shade, we cannot sit properly on them as we slide back” explained one female complainant.
“The old bus stop with proper seats was much better, like the bus stop in front of Super Drug in Harrow with lower seats which are fixed in such a way that we can sit on them comfortably” she said.
We took up the issue with Valerie Shawcross, the then deputy mayor for transport, and have now heard from the Traffic for London.
“Unfortunately there is no longer a design available similar to the one in question that used to be featured in our older designs.  Our shelter seats are now manufactured and pre-attached at factory source according to a predetermined height and as per the initial design specification” said Carl Eddleston, TfL head of asset operations.
“We agree that the older versions may have been more comfortable but we are confident that the frequency of buses has now improved greatly throughout London so sitting on a seat in a bus shelter is down to a minimum unless there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances”  Carl Eddleston added.
Bit difficult to follow the logic –  less waiting for the buses means  designing less comfortable shelter seats?