Massive fly-tipper caught in action!

A rogue Harrow business and its shameless director were caught dumping seven and a half tonnes of waste on Hatch End playing fields.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTriangle Care and Maintenance was sentenced and ordered to pay more than £51,000 for the criminal venture – all caught on camera.
Also director Ivan Hausjell, who didn’t attend the Willesden Magistrates Court hearing last week, now has to wear an electronic ankle tag for three months and personally pay £1,600 for his part in the dumping spree.
Enforcement officers encountered Hausjell’s persistent fly-tipping in November 2016 on Hatch End playing fields. On each occasion, a mountain of household and refurbishment waste was dumped.
It was so bad that the waste was spreading into the River Pinn, endangering the environment and local wildlife.
Hidden cameras installed by the council finally captured the rogues in action – with their van and face clearly identified as they brazenly dumped waste late at night.
“It’s an absolute disgrace that the taxpayer had to spend more than £4,000 clearing up their disgusting mess. That’s money that should have been spent on residents who live here and actually care about Harrow” said Cllr Graham Henson, leader of Harrow council.