Morrissey fails to condemn Johnson

Joy Morrissey, shortlisted for Tory London mayor candidacy, was asked but failed to condemn Boris Johnson ‘letter-box’ politics.
Social media is overflowing with angry responses to Boris Johnson describing Muslim women in Niqab/burkas as looking like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”.
A short and simple analysis by David Lammy MP summarises the Mr Johnson move: “Make no mistake, this was nothing less than a coordinated, cynical attack on Muslim women to appeal to racists and win a few days of headlines” he said.
Mr Johnson left Theresa May cabinet, apparently to work on challenging Ms May position but many think he would not go beyond the first round.
Ms Morrissey whose candidacy has been supported by Roger Evans a former Deputy Mayor for Boris Johnson, recently campaigned with divisive Tory PM Bob Blackman in Harrow East.
Considering the extreme racism at the last Tory London mayor campaign, it is important to know where Tory hopefuls for London mayor stand!
Boris Johnson has gone beyond ‘do first, say sorry later’, which tends to confirm deep seated Islamophobia in the Tory Party – who can forget that no Tory, including Boris Johnson defender Eric Pickles, ever condemned their Harrow East MP Bob Blackman, an officer of Conservative Friends of Israel, who very recently hosted a known far right extremist .
[Boris Johnson, Eric Pickles, Theresa May have visited Harrow to support Tory campaigns]
Some have tried to reason with Mr Johnson to apologise for his language but he has not done so knowing that no firm action against him is likely as Theresa May can’t take risk of upsetting Tory MPs who are in Mr Johnson camp, before Brexit crucial vote – another example of weak and wobbly prime minister.
It looks that Muslim factor is used by a Tory mob for power/political gain. For example,  Mr Johnson is trying to walk in Donald Trump shoes and when challenged, his gang is going after Theresa May’s close associate and Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis  for setting Boris Johnson investigation (likely pre-determined outcome ‘not guilty’) who are worried that it might jeopardise his Tory leadership chances, despite far right support.
The ‘letter-box’ factor has aligned many far right/anti-Muslim extremists to support Boris Johnson narrative, as expected.