Opposition politics of ‘yellow lines’!

UPDATE: Cllr Marilyn Ashton now informs us that “the council wanted to impose on them (residents)  double yellow lines without a CPZ – the council has now agreed to delay the double yellow lines until a CPZ can be done”.
“So a result here for the good people in Stanmore Park” she said.

Stanmore Tory Cllr Marilyn Ashton, who came back to the council in a 2011 by-election but remained under clouds during her leader Cllr Hall time, now seems to be able to spread wings under non-vindictive leader Cllr Paul Osborn.
ECIn criticising the council decision to introduce double-yellow lines in Eaton Close, Stanmore, Cllr Ashton has accused the council of being “high-handed” and “ignoring” residents’ concerns over proposed parking changes in a residential street.
The controlled parking zone (CPZ) are mostly demand led.
The council explains the need for the CPZ here: “Double yellow lines to one side of this road means emergency services and council bin lorries can access the end of the road without any obstructions.”
Cllr Ashton’s concern looks shallow and point-scoring considering that despite being in a powerful position in a Tory administration, she failed to do anything about the  real ‘high-handedness’ and disrespect  for residents by Cllr Hall, then responsible for parking,  in implementing the CPZ.
Cllr Marilyn Ashton was planning portfolio holder at the time and her husband was the leader of the council.
Many, including in the Tory party, felt bad about Cllr Hall’s obsession with CPZ.
For example, Judicial review threat over proposed CPZ in West Harrow said that “Cllr Hall, who is in charge of parking schemes in the borough, vociferously defended her decision” and pointed out Cllr Hall’s  arrogant tone: “It makes no difference to me if West Harrow has a CPZ or not. I don’t work there and I don’t live there” she said.
In another example of Cllr Hall’s heavy-handed application of the CPZ and disrespect for residents, was the biting  statement that “to some degree the council have manufactured the problem (Pinner Road), in order to raise revenue by the CPZ Tax”.
Also, describing the Harrow West/Pinner Road  CPZ consultation and its disputed outcome under Cllr Hall watch, it was said, “What it illustrates is the level contempt she holds the local residents of the area in and around the Pinner Road, that she will tell an untruth, just to have her way”.
There was similar public outcry by others like the Watling Medical Centre in Stanmore which served a petition asking to change the parking times during the surgery times that were arrogantly imposed against their wishes. Their petition was basically dismissed under Cllr Hall watch.
Hypocrisy is not good, not even in the politics.