Ashton late in hitting Corbyn

As Harrow Labour are holding Unseat Bob Blackman event this Saturday, Cllr Ashton, deputy chairman Harrow East Conservative Association, joins the mischievous attempts to oust the democratically elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, though somewhat late as people have moved on from the foreign assisted divisive politics of antisemitism.
Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has agreed the anti-Semitism definition which has been politically shunted around for weeks  but Cllr Ashton, who holds property in Israel and spends considerable time there while enjoying  the councillor’s allowance,  has criticised the Labour goodwill, “I don’t think anyone will be reassured by what the NEC have done”.
The NEC action would not prevent Labour activists from criticising the actions of the “apartheid” Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu or sympathising with  the plight of Palestinian people.
(would be interesting to read some of the Harrow people comments discrediting the Cllr Ashton’s statements)
There have been many assessments of why the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been witch-hunted, including the following:
“Israel is claiming that Corbyn and the Labour party are putting British Jews at risk. But the bottom line is that the Netanyahu government itself is actually enlarging the risk for the Jewish people around the world, because they are not dealing with the real problem, just the artificial problem. They are not concerned with real anti-Semitism, they only want to fulfil their political agenda of taking the issue of the Palestinian people off the world stage” says prominent Israeli advocate Eitay Mack.
Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition Lindsey German adds to what has been done to Jeremy Corbyn:
“there is now an alliance of right wing Labour MPs, the print and broadcast media, the Tories and indeed Benjamin Netanyahu – all united on finding ways in which every day they can spread lies, innuendo, misunderstandings and misquotes which paint Corbyn as the devil incarnate”.