MP proactive in policing matters

GarethIn expressing concern about the lack of government’s plan for policing, National Audit Office says that Home Office has ‘no overarching strategy’ for police.
”The Home Office must urgently address a lack of a plan for policing and “significant gaps” in its understanding of demand for police services” NAO demands.
In a separate move, Kevin Moore, a senior retired police officer in a petition to the home secretary says “I care deeply about protecting our communities and the state of policing and it’s heartbreaking to see the cuts being made. In this country we’ve lost 25,000 police officers since 2010. And the effects are clear to see – with over 91% of crimes taking place without anyone getting charged”.
In talking about how he is addressing crimes and inadequacy of police resources in Harrow, Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas (photo) explained:
“Due to the notable crime incidents in Harrow, residents are anxious about this and as a resident of Harrow, I share these fears” he said.
“I have continuously raised the issue of underfunding of our Police and the threat this causes to our community. Violent crime in Harrow has increased by 60%, and it is no surprise that this increase correlates to the reduction in police officers on our streets” he said.
“The Metropolitan Police has lost £600 million from its annual budget since the Conservative Government took power. If proposed plans are followed through, the Met will need to find another £400 million in savings. We in Harrow have seen these cuts in action, losing 173 police uniformed police officers from our streets since 2010. As well as a reduction in services at South Harrow Police Station” points out Mr Thomas.
He informed that he is in regular contact with senior members of the Metropolitan Police to discuss resource allocation, policy and operations, making the case for greater resources for Harrow, to keep our streets safe.
“During the summer, I went on a ride along with the Police, so I can see first-hand the Police face on a daily basis. It is clear that the Police are doing a fantastic job at keeping our community safe, but they’re struggling by a lack of resources” added Mr Thomas.