Ashton in Hall’s foot-steps!

Tory councillor Marilyn Ashton, deputy leader of the Harrow council opposition group, follows the point-scoring tactics at the meetings practised by her long term archrival Cllr Susan Hall, previous leader of the Tory group and her time-wasting deputy (he was defeated at the last council election).
Cllr Ashton grumbles that all sixteen questions by her group at the last cabinet meeting were not answered, despite the leader of the council chairing the meeting explained that it was not possible to answer all questions within the time allotted for councillors questions (normally 15 minute but extended to 38 minutes in this case).
Under the council practice, questions forwarded by the councillors at the cabinet meeting if not answered at the meeting, are replied in writing. But then this does not help point-scoring in public.
Perhaps the Tory group discipline under Cllr Paul Osborn leadership is not as bad as it was under Cllr Hall where council time was wasted through petty tactics.
The Harrow Times reported on 14 Oct 2016, “Cllr Hall continued to ask questions, despite being told her allocated time was up. She held up a megaphone created from a blue piece of paper, which she had made before the meeting”.
At the cabinet meeting on 27 April 2017, Cllr Hall asked, “Why have you failed to answer 88 of our questions from the Cabinet meeting on 16th February” and she along with a few  of her councillors asked further 72 questions at the meeting.
In another point-scoring statement, Cllr Ashton said that she left the meeting after councillor questions and everyone else came out about ten minutes afterwards. As a seasoned councillor, Marilyn Ashton should know that the question time is a key attraction for the public and opposition who usually leave the meeting when the question session is over.