Would Harrow West Tories return donations by a now convicted fraudster?

The Mail reports  Freddy David, sentenced for six years for obtaining money by deception, gave £2,000 to the struggling Harrow West Conservative Party in 2013.
His HBFS Financial Services Ltd also provided staffing support valued at £2,000, and administration services worth £4,000 to the party.
Between 2013 and 2015, his business handed over £9,685 in cash to the party as wife stood to be an MP.
Although there is no suggestion the donations to the party were linked to illegal activity, it would be morally correct for Harrow West Conservatives  to return the donations to contribute towards more than £13 million owed to his wounded up company investors.
Freddy David used his good reputation within his Jewish community to sell non-existent investment products to his clients within the community.
The fraud had been exacerbated by the fact that 55 investors were defrauded for over a period of ten years.
Freddy David held 75 per cent of the company while his wife, Hannah David, Tory parliamentary candidate for Harrow West in 2015 and 2017, owned 25 per cent of the company.
She was also associated with the restaurant called Let’s Meat, created by Freddy David from the money taken from a victim.
She is listed as a director of the Conservative Party Policy Forum (her term ends this month) – which claims to have ‘a direct line to the Prime Minister’s policy unit’.
Sad state of politics!