Blackman fortune could run out

Research by ’38 degrees’ campaign group suggests that Harrow East MP Bob Blackman could lose his highly marginal seat over universal credit.
bb4Mr Blackman whose majority was badly slashed by Labour at the last general election, seems to be more interested in playing his divisive politics to secure votes from the Hindu and Jewish background voters by taking side with conflicting international/ sectarian issues and pleasing far right rather than focusing on social welfare matters like universal credit which could hit hard more than 7,000 constituents in Harrow East.
“I support the policy that is universal credit and its reformist core: replacing six complex benefits with a single unified system,” he said.
Universal credit will replace six current benefits – child tax credit, housing benefit, income support, jobseeker’s allowance, employment and support allowance and working tax credit.
The benefit freeze takes £1.5bn from 10 million low and middle-income households. A low income couple with children will be £200 worse off. For them there is no end to austerity.
Added to this, there is still another £5bn of cuts to social security to come in this parliament, hitting the incomes of those who are already badly slapped.
Universal credit has the potential to be “catastrophic” and lead to a spiral of debt for claimants unless major flaws are addressed, according to a new report by two councils – Southwark and Croydon – among the first in the country to roll out the new regime.
The damning report claims that after 20 weeks of transferring from the legacy benefit system to universal credit the average claimant had £156 of arrears.
In Southwark alone, where 12 per cent of council tenants have moved onto universal credit, rent arrears total over £5.3m.