£1.5m penalty for a rogue landlord!

finedA notorious rogue landlord must pay £1,500,000 or spend nine years behind bars after justice caught up with him at Harrow Crown Court last Friday (30 November).
The court found that Vispasp Sarkari from Harrow had flouted planning rules for more than five years – converting properties across Brent and Harrow into substandard flats without planning permission.
He defied all planning enforcement warnings by both councils to stop the use of his properties and carried on with his criminal venture raking in thousands of pounds from people desperate to have a roof over their head.
“Justice means taking the ill-gotten gains off this slumlord millionaire. This is a man who thought he couldn’t be stopped. He was wrong, and thanks to our joint work with Brent Council, Sarkari’s criminal venture is finished” said Cllr Keith Ferry, Harrow Council’s cabinet member for planning.
In sentencing Mr Sarkari, Judge Wood described the breaches as “a flagrant abuse of the Town and Country Planning legislation”.
“If you ignore planning laws or leave tenants to languish in poor conditions, then we will find you, we will take action in court, and we will win” warned Cllr Tom Miller, Brent council’s cabinet member for community safety.
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