Harrow could lose a cinema and a church!

dsc_2324dAsprea 2 Ltd is preparing to submit a planning application for a residential led mixed-use development on the Safari cinema site, Station Road Harrow, that is partially occupied by much used V2V Community Church.
The cinema is used for Indian film showing and the church has become a hub for the community that hosts non paying breakfasts, lunches for the elderly and hundreds of children on an annual basis to help them become more confident individuals.
The Ilford based company (director Ghulam Alahi ) is proposing circa 80 residential units and around 1,500 sqm commercial and community floorspace.
Community Church is saddened that there is potential to destroy such a monumental site and  are determined to continue fighting on behalf of their congregation and the community of Harrow.
“We urge the community to protest and to petition the council to not allow this monument to be developed into yet another block of apartments” appeals the church spokesperson Danielle Goodman.
The planning application with some adjustments is most likely to be successful as it contributes to Harrow’s housing targets, though the Harrow opposition could come up with objections on the basis of material planning considerations like increased people, traffic movement and road capacity or they could use the Localism Act 2011 where the asset of community value, or ACV, regime allows a number of community rights, including provisions to help communities safeguard buildings serving a purpose to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community.
The pre planning application consultation, organised by planning consultants Maddox, includes public consultation event 11am to 8pm at Jasper Centre HA1 2SU on 29.01.2019.