‘Ban pupils mobiles in school’!

mobilePupils should be banned from taking smartphones into school, the minister for school standards in England Nick Gibb has told the BBC ahead of the government publishing new guidance for schools.
Another example of the government showing ignorance of school, teaching and interfering in the life of the school.
Schools already have the power to ban phones from being taken on to the premises by pupils and the headteacher determines whether this is appropriate.
Feeling in Harrow is that supervised use of mobile phone, a pocket-sized computer, as a learning tool, has many advantages, since there is a general shortage of school computers, stop clocks, camera equipment and data loggers due to government cuts in school funding.
There is no appreciation by Nick Gibb for the schools imaginative use of pupils mobile phones to minimise the adverse impact of the cuts in the school funding like not having enough computers and equipment for pupils use.
Pupils are encouraged to use their mobile phones at the tutor time to check homework etc, in lessons to take photos of the board if sets of data or notes are needed and in science lessons for video experiments.
It looks that the ministers have no clue how a school actually runs.