Blackman didn’t know which way his constituency voted on Brexit

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East recycled ongoing wider Brexit chaos by wrongly claiming that Harrow East voted 50/50 for leave or remain.
Mr Blackman claimed this while supporting Brexit on TalkRadio where the presenter Alexis Conran pointed out to him that Harrow East is a Remain constituency.
In the London Borough of Harrow 64,042 voted to Remain (54.6 percent) whilst 53,183 voted to Leave (45.4 percent), and in Harrow East, 52.4 percent voted to Remain and 47.5 percent voted to Leave, according to figures published by Democratic Dashboard.
bb4Mr Blackman in a most marginal seat heavily relies on his divisive approach to attract the Indian and Jewish background voters by taking sides with international disputed matters.
In emotion-raising argument, he argued that Brexit would enable more and better trade opportunities with India and Israel.
His general Brexit theme alerted the hardliners, “Western powers are caught between contrasting policy alternatives in key areas, including their dealings with the Middle East and their visions for the future of Iran and its regional power structure”.
“The election of Donald Trump set the United States on a very different course of foreign policy, thus necessitating that its European partners either follow suit or run a risk of being caught on the wrong side when bilateral relations start to deteriorate further” he continued.