Blackman challenged!

Both Labour and Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidates for Harrow East assert that the sitting MP Bob Blackman position is very shaky in this marginal constituency because of his undesirable doings and lack of interest in Harrow matters.bb4
Declining support for him became obvious at the last general election when despite all his divisive moves to attract Indian and Jewish background voters, Mr Blackman majority was slashed from 4,757 in 2015 to 1,757 in 2017 by Labour. His position will be under further threat once the boundary changes take place.
PamLabour parliamentary candidate for Harrow East Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick is determined to unseat Mr Blackman as at the very time local people need more help, Mr Blackman has consistently voted for budget cuts meaning budgets of local authorities has been slashed as well as a huge reduction in funding to  schools, police service and benefit system.
“All this has an impact on the residents of Harrow East. For example, in Harrow diverse community the two-child restriction on benefits and the hostile environment have had a particularly harsh impact” said Cllr Fitzpatrick.
Also “homelessness has soared and the numbers of looked after children is unprecedented. In once a borough with the lowest level of crime in London, now Hate crime has increased and many families are fearful for the safety of their children” she said.
“A housing crisis and the worst level of homelessness in decades are not accidental but because of the benefit cap, universal credit, the restriction of housing benefit to below rent levels, the huge increase in benefit sanctions for people who are seriously ill or have a disability” reminds Cllr Fitzpatrick.
“We are desperately in need of a Labour government that will invest in our schools, provide affordable homes and protect our NHS” Cllr Fitzpatrick said.
adamLiberal Democrats parliamentary candidate Adam Bernard, born and brought up in Edgware, focuses on the appallingly divisive nature of some campaigning in Harrow East.
“I’m proud to live in Harrow, which is lucky to have people from so many cultures. It’s sad to see divisive political campaigning here; pitting Hindus against Muslims against Jews, or people from the EU against people from the Commonwealth” said Mr Bernard.
“A community like ours can only thrive because of its inclusive spirit. I and the Liberal Democrats will always stand against racism, Islamophobia, Antisemitism, and xenophobia. None of these should have a place in our society or our politics” he said.
A long standing Liberal Democrat, Mr Bernard  works as a researcher teaching computers to read medical research papers and was a Harrow East candidate in 2017 election.