‘Visit My Mosque’ event well attended but some missing

Well publicised Visit My Mosque event in Harrow last Sunday was widely attended, including by community leaders, clergy and many Labour councillors.
This could only be good for community cohesion and togetherness. However, concerns have been expressed that the event was hardly attended by the Tory councillors.
Given the possibility that Tory councillors might have attended the event at a Harrow mosque but were not noticed, we asked the leader of the Tory opposition group Cllr Paul Osborn to clarify whether he or his councillors attended.
Days have gone but he has not come back, perhaps to save embarrassment.
Although there is no compulsion to attend such events, local Tory position needed clarification in the light of the national outcry* about Islamophobia in the Tory party [1], [2], Harrow East Conservative Association selecting and nurturing divisive elements [1], [2], and no Muslim representation at the Tory councillor level in Harrow.
While there are some Tory councillors who are professional enough to appreciate that they are paid to represent wider population in Harrow, there are many, mostly in Harrow East, who don’t and use their councillor title to promote themselves within their tight community, and therefore give poor value for public money.