Winner at Tory race for Brent & Harrow GLA seat

Brent and Harrow Tories selected their London Assembly candidate today from the three candidates shortlisted earlier.
Winner by wide majority: Molly Irene Samuel-Leport MBE, England born east Londoner, well known for her sports achievements, including 1987 Jamaican Jubliee Award for Excellence. She was an impressive orator.Molly
Molly Samuel is a member of the Conservative Way Forward advisory board along with Harrow councillor Paul Osborn, leader of the Tory opposition group. She is a six time karate world champion, and was the unsuccessful candidate for Walthamstow at the general elections.
She has been active in community matters and is well known for her interest in homelessness and social justice issues.
Molly Samuel believes that schools need to change to include self-defence and self-awareness education for young children of primary age.
Other two candidates were:
George Currie, the “son of working-class parents” who progressed to have a PhD in political philosophy, helpfully worked with the Brent’s diverse community. He is chair of Brent Central Conservative Association.
Mr Currie’s manifesto was to reduce crime by securing more police officers and working with local communities to introduce ‘safe zones’ across Brent and Harrow.
He said he would work to improve the availability of affordable housing by working with councils and developers to identify suitable sites and remove unnecessary blockages, and  improve the local environment by working with local residents and businesses to tackle issues, such as poor air quality and the illegal dumping of waste.
Kanwal Toor, self claimed Indian actress associated with luxury jewellery and fashion outlet, with little obvious political profile.
Social media search in her case revealed her qualifying comments like “I am proud to know Bob Blackman. Bob has done a huge amount work for Kashmiri Dogras” – Indian held Kashmir is very sensitive issue and a matter of grave international concern.  Good understanding that Brent/Harrow could do well without divisive Kashmir reference. Also, apparent  block vote, seemingly led by Harrow East divisive Tories, did not work.
Last time such a Kashmir specific credit was given to the divisive Bob Blackman MP for Harrow East who has been repeatedly exposed for his alleged interactions with far right elements [i] [ii], was by his previous assistant from Kashmir background  [i] [ii] who has  left Harrow since.