Labour to look for Brent & Harrow GLA candidate?

Soon after the European Parliamentary elections, Labour is likely to start process to select their London assembly candidate for Brent and Harrow as Navin Shah, the sitting assembly member, has seemingly decided to step down (not announced in this window).
Navin Shah has ably retained the seat since 2008 when he defeated Tory member Bob Blackman who is now controversial MP for Harrow East  (Navin Shah came very close to defeat him at the last general election).
Prominent local names floating for the selection, are:
The Momentum supported Aghileh Djafari-Marbini, mum and NHS worker, who has been very active in challenging inequality and social injustice, particularly in the area of health provision, in tune with Corbyn.Ir2
“In more recent years, coming from a family of NHS workers has given me renewed sense of urgency for what the Labour Party can offer our country” she said.
She is a well known supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and once said: “socialism have become active again in droves since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader”.
Aghileh Djafari Marbini stood for London Labour regional board and was a Labour candidate for Headstone North ward at the last council election (did not win but did very well in a traditional Tory ward).
HirBrent councillor and a council cabinet portfolio holder Krupesh Hirani, a university graduate in politics, who has a lot of experience in the political sector and held a number of posts in this area.
During the Operation Black Vote Shadowing Scheme Mr Hirani was mentored by dynamic David Lammy MP – he seems to have good grip on a variety of socio-political matters, significant to a wider society.
Though Mr Hirani is seen more at certain cultural activities, he believes in representing all. Mr Hirani informs that he has spent his working life with organisations that support disabled people.
Mr Hirani is proud of the local area and said: “I have been educated through the Brent state school system and am passionate about the area”.
Harrow councillor and past mayor Ajay Maru who has a Masters in hairdressing and has opened three hair salons and a training centre in the borough. Mr Maru is a friendly face at cultural events, mostly Asian.
Mr Maru is interested in local communities – for example, he believes that the UK should look to strengthen its relationship with India amid uncertainty around Brexit.Am
At the re-launch of the Labour Friends of India, Mr Maru spoke of the important connection between the two countries.
“This is about improving interaction and engagement between the UK and India and making the relationship greater than it already is” he said.
Either of these local hopefuls could easily beat the Tory’s out of borough candidate.