Labour tops EU votes in Harrow

euelexThe Labour is the big winner in Harrow in the European Parliament elections, securing 16,312 votes (Lib Dem: 14,116 Brexit Party: 12,004 Green: 5187): source
Tories with 9814 vote are in the fourth place and in London no longer have any MEPs having lost the two seats they won in the 2014 European Parliament elections.
In EU referendum Harrow East and Harrow West constituencies voted to Remain though Harrow East MP Bob  Blackman didn’t know how his constituency voted and pleads for Brexit.
Mr Blackman in a most marginal seat heavily relies on his divisive approach to attract the Indian and Jewish background voters by taking sides with international disputed matters.
In emotion-raising argument, he argued that Brexit would enable more and better trade opportunities with India and Israel.
His general Brexit theme alerted the hardliners, “Western powers are caught between contrasting policy alternatives in key areas, including their dealings with the Middle East and their visions for the future of Iran and its regional power structure”.