Harrow East Labour supports ending immigration detention

DetentionHarrow East Labour becomes the first CLP (constituency Labour party) to send the Momentum backed  Labour Against Racism And Fascism motion – End Immigration Detention – to the Labour conference 2019.
The motion asks an incoming Labour Government to end the Detention Estate and adopt a community-led response for migrants that challenges xenophobic sentiment and supports the vulnerable, promoting wellbeing and combating criminalisation of migrants.
A community-based approach to immigration and asylum systems, without detention, to encourage social inclusion and promote human dignity.
Pam“The UK is the only EU country that detains migrants indefinitely and every year detains thousands of migrants, some held indefinitely in inhumane conditions. The system of immigration detention is also costly and ineffective.
“We need a system that is fair and treats vulnerable migrants with dignity. I am delighted Harrow East CLP supports this motion” said Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick (photo), Labour parliamentary candidate for Harrow East.
The UK has one of the largest immigration detention networks in Europe having over 8 detention centres and locks up thousands of people in immigration detention every year – for example, in 2018, 24,748 people were put into detention.
The motion reminds about the out of control violence and mental ill-health faced by detainees – 11 reported deaths in 2017, 2 suicide attempts per day, a 22% rise in suicide between April and June 2018.
Also reminded is the inhumane conditions and cases of rampant racist, sexual and sexist abuse by staff reported at Yarl’s Wood detention centre.
On 8 May 2019, Amnesty International UK handed in 100,000-strong petition to end indefinite immigration detention, alongside Liberty, Women for Refugee Women, Freed Voices and the Asylum Justice Project.