Education cuts hitting hard!

A one-off increase of £3.8bn would be needed to reverse 8% cuts in per pupil school spending, the Institute for Fiscal Studies analysis shows.
cutsIn Harrow 46 of 50 schools have suffered £27.2M cuts to per pupil funding between 2015 & 2019 which on average is £286 per pupil loss – source Harrow school funding cuts (individual school cuts could be worked out).
The IFS says a further £1.1bn would be needed each year up until 2023 to maintain spending in real terms, once rising costs were taken into account.
“It’s the largest reduction in education spending for at least 30 or 40 years or longer, so it’s not surprising it has generated political pressure,” says their economist Luke Sibieta.
School budgets have moved up the political agenda, partly as a result of campaigning by parents and teachers across England (footage of the Together for Education – national protest against school cuts in London on 22 June 2019).