Harrow Youth Offending team funding slashed – Blackman done nothing

PamPeople in Harrow are concerned at the increase in knife crime and rightly feel let down by the government’s failure to provide the resources to deal with this issue, says Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harrow East (photo).
The government has cut the Harrow youth offending team’s funding by £409,130 since2010 – meaning cuts of 66 percent.
Nationally, the Tories have slashed central government funding for youth offending teams by over half from £145m in 2010/11 to £71m in 2017/18.
“It was completely unacceptable for the Tories and, in coalition, the Lib Dems to cut this funding” said Cllr Fitzpatrick.
“It is appalling that, with youth violence rising, the government is still failing to prioritise funding for this essential service. This is a big issue yet Bob Blackman has done nothing to address this problem” she said.
[Divisive Harrow East MP Bob Blackman has calculated his votes and his priority is to work on Jewish and Indian backgrounds voters by cashing in on situations like that in Kashmir or Palestine. For example, he has supported far-right Modi government’s widely condemned recent action to oppress Kashmir people by taking back their right to decide their futures – far right Hindu nationalist domination in India is well summed up by Haaretz.com*]
Cllr Fitzpatrick demands that the government must guarantee the resources needed to protect our community and help prevent young people from getting involved in crime in the first place.