Blackman not interested in Harrow

bb4Having calculated votes in his highly marginal Harrow East constituency, divisive MP Bob Blackman works all the time on Indian background voters for political gain, for example, playing Indian-occupied Kashmir game, while doing nothing for Harrow.
Equally concerning are few opportunist Tory councillors who are paid £8000+ councillor allowance for the ward welfare but work as foot soldiers for Mr Blackman instead.
Majority of Harrow residents voted to remain in Europe but Mr Blackman is not representing them, instead he pleads for Brexit and publicises that it will help more business opportunities with India.
People in Harrow are concerned at the increase in knife crime and government’s failure to provide the resources to deal with this issue – the government has cut the Harrow youth offending team’s funding by £409,130 since2010 (66 percent cuts) – Mr Blackman has not intervened.
He has not questioned about the usefulness of the youth work in Harrow, Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board and the effectiveness of the Harrow Police & Crime Plan (PCP) priority to reduce the number of young people involved in youth violence and gang crime and to decrease the number of young people carrying offensive weapons.
Since Theresa May took over as home secretary in 2010, Harrow has lost over 173 police officers.
In Harrow, the impact of austerity has been shocking.  Already one of the lowest funded councils in London, his government’s reckless policies continue to put an unacceptable strain on borough finances and cause damage to the residents – Mr Blackman has not really put forward Harrow case.
Over 30% of children in Harrow live in poverty where child poverty is rising to 40% in some wards. Last year, the Harrow food bank fed over 2617 people, including over 1041 children – Mr Blackman has done nothing to ease the situation.
In Harrow 46 of 50 schools have suffered £27.2M cuts to per pupil funding between 2015 & 2019 which on average is £286 per pupil loss – ignoring this, Mr Blackman mischievously keeps talking about government increase in education funding.
If there was ever a much-loved and vital service that told the story of the NHS funding crisis in north-west London, these are the walk-in centre closed by the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that has been put into special measures because its forecast deficit of £40 million – Mr Blackman failed to raise the issue.