Harrow hits Johnson hard for his plan to shut down parliament

Parliament is to ‘prorogue’ or shut down for five weeks as the prime minister has not got sufficient support in Parliament for his undemocratic No Deal Brexit plans. This will be the longest prorogation of Parliament since 1945.
“This is a shocking and scandalous decision by a Prime Minister who, far from seeking to unite the country, has sought to avoid scrutiny and accountability at every turn, not just from Parliament but from journalists and the media too” said Gareth Thomas, Labour MP for Harrow West.
“By shutting down Parliament, Boris Johnson is deliberately attempting to avoid any challenge to his deeply worrying plans to crash our country out of the European Union without a deal” he added.
Cllr Graham Henson, the leader of Harrow Council, said that the prime minister’s move to leave the EU without a deal would be a “disaster” for Harrow.
Highly concerned Pamela Fitzpatrick Labours parliamentary candidate for Harrow East said “Suspending Parliament to prevent scrutiny show us exactly what lengths this Prime Minister with no mandate will resort to. There is every indication that the UK is heading for a recession”.
She reminded the Financial Times editorial on 28/8/19: “History has shown that charlatans, demagogues and would-be dictators have little time for representative government. They seek ways around parliament before concluding it is an inconvenience.
“Mr Johnson may not be a tyrant, but he has set a dangerous precedent. He and the cabal around him who have chosen this revolutionary path should be careful what they wish for”.
Harrow’s Liberal Democrat candidates reacted angrily to the news of parliament’s prorogation.
Adam Bernard, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Harrow East said: “Shutting down democracy in order to force through a Brexit that neither the people nor Parliament want is the act of a dictator.”
Lisa-Maria Bornemann, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Harrow West said: “Boris Johnson has shown that all he cares about is getting his own will, even when it comes at the expense of damaging our country. This behaviour is selfish and cowardly, and it must be stopped”.
As expected, Tory MP for Harrow East Bob Blackman supports shutting down the parliament to impress certain voters in his highly marginal seat that the Brexit would enable more trade with India and Israel.
Strong public feelings at the Defend Democracy – Downing Street demo against shutting down parliament, held on 31 August 2019 (footage below)