Gareth Thomas on the ball

GarethAs the Tory government is in deep crisis, Labour MP for Harrow West Gareth Thomas assures “I am absolutely committed to acting in the national interest, making sure residents voice is heard, and will continue to do everything I can to prevent the Prime Minister from crashing this country out of the EU”.
Harrow majority voted to Remain in the EU!
His reassurance is welcoming as the MPs and Lords have passed the Bill to require the Prime Minister to seek and accept an extension of the Brexit deadline if a deal has not been agreed by 19 October and Parliament is still opposed to No Deal; it should soon receive Royal Assent and become law.
“I have always been opposed to leaving the EU without a deal as I believe it would be disastrous for our country. The Government’s own leaked assessments and warnings from leading industry figures have highlighted the damage it could cause” he said.
He reminds:
The British Medical Association has said that the consequences of No Deal could have “potentially catastrophic consequences for patients, the health workforce and services, and the nation’s health.”
Make UK, which represents 20,000 British manufacturers has said that leaving without a deal would be “the height of economic lunacy”.
The National Farmers’ Union has said that No Deal would have a “devastating impact” on British food and farming and “must be avoided at all costs”.
Those who would pay the price of No Deal would be working people, their families, and communities in Harrow and across the county, Mr Thomas said.
“It is absolutely vital that we first prevent a disastrous No deal Brexit taking place on October 31. Until that is secured, with no room for doubt, I can assure that I will be voting against any measures which allow for an early general election” he said.
On the other hand, Tory MP for Harrow East is colluding with Boris Johnson who has become the first premier since the Earl of Rosebery in 1894 to lose his first parliament vote. In one week this week, he has sacked 21 Tory MPs, has collapsed his own working majority from one to minus 43, has been deserted by his own brother as well as the Tory leader in Scotland, and has achieved defeats at the Commons and Lords.